Rice University

Department of English

Distinction in Research and Creative Works

*Applications available in the English Department office, Herring Hall 225

Students writing theses (both critical and creative) are eligible to apply for University Distinction in Research and Creative Works, which if awarded, will be noted on the student's transcript upon graduation and on commencement materials in May. 

*Applications for Distinction will be due in the English department office on or before April 26, 2017 by 5:00 pm (approximately the last day of classes).  Please note that your project does not have to be completed nor in its final format to apply for Distinction. All final thesis materials will be due in the English department on the last day of final examinations.  Applications must include a 1 page letter of support from your sponsoring faculty advisor.    

*To apply for Distinction, students must have a GPA in English of 3.8 and an overall GPA of 3.30.

All applications for Distinction will be judged by a departmental committee.  Work deemed to be "above and beyond" expectation for the senior thesis or creative thesis will be considered for Distinction.