Rice University

Department of English

Minter Summer Scholar Program 2017

The English Minter Summer Scholar Program offers competitive research and travel grants to English majors for summer research and creative writing projects. Awards typically range from $750 to $3,000.  As many as 4 scholars will be selected annually based on the merit of proposals and the feasibility for successful completion of research or creative writing projects. Minter Scholars will present the results of their projects in the form of a ten-page paper to the sponsoring faculty in the English Department.  Papers may be posted on the department website. 

All proposals should be emailed as a single pdf to (lre1@rice.edu) by March 20, 2017, and will be reviewed by the Awards and Prizes Committee.  Applicants will be notified by mid April. 

Eligibility: Majors who have completed English 200 and 300 by the time the scholarship begins are eligible to apply. In rare instances, non-majors with substantial course work in English (including 200 and 300) may receive awards. Ideally applicants will be juniors and will complete their proposed research during the summer before their senior year. However application is not limited to juniors. 

Applications will include:   

1. A one-page statement of research or creative project.  Be as specific as possible.    

2. A budget for project. Funds typically are used for travel, workshop tuition or residency fees, research.  Funds may not be used to purchase equipment for projects such as cameras or backpacks. Original receipts must be provided for expenditures.   

3. A letter of recommendation from an English Department faculty member supporting the research or creative proposal, and noting the probability of its completion.  Faculty supporters should be willing to review and comment on finished projects.   

 4. Writing sample of approximately five pages.   

Recent awards have been granted for projects such as: travel to London to attend performances of Shakespeare’s History Cycle at the Royal Shakespeare Company; travel to archives in Miami and Washington, D.C., to pursue research related to relations between Cuba and U.S. in the literature of the Spanish-American War; European summer travel for study of interface between literature and politics; student participation in creative writing workshops with accredited institutions.