Rice University

Department of English

Literature Masterclasses

"Literature "Masterclasses" is a new initiative in the humanities designed to support and encourage undergraduate discussion, research, and community. Masterclasses will explore critical questions and debates by focusing intensively on specific texts, objects or questions. A series of guest speakers and Rice faculty will conduct these sessions. Undergraduate participants will have graduate student mentors who will provide opportunities for additional discussion and a resource for questions about texts and critical writing.

There will be three Masterclasses per term. At the end of the year, students will present their own work in a symposium.

This program is open to all literature majors and minors in the School of Humanities, including English, French, Hispanic Studies, Classics, and other languages. Participants must enroll in HURC 401 and will earn 1 credit hour when they complete the course.

The "Masterclasses" program will:  

  • Provide opportunities for literary studies majors to interact in an intimate setting with scholars from Rice, from the region, and from around the country  
  • Create a strong community in which English majors can use the skills and knowledge they have gained  
  • Afford the opportunity to gain insight into the requirements and expectations of graduate and professional studies  
  • Encourage participants to develop and execute their own advanced research projects 

For further information or for permission to enroll, contact Professor Judith Roof or Professor Joseph Campana.