Rice University

Department of English

Distribution Credit

The distribution system was designed so that every Rice student would receive a broad, well-rounded education along with training in an academic specialty. Distribution courses are broad-based, accessible to nonmajors, and representative of the knowledge, intellectual skills, and habits of thought that are most characteristic of a discipline.

Each student is required to take at least 12 semester hours of designated distribution courses in each of groups I, II and III. The 12 hours in each group must include courses in at least two departments in that group. (Divisional or interdisciplinary designates, e.g. HUMA or NSCI, count as departments for this purpose). Interdivisional courses approved for distribution credit may count toward the 12 semester hours in any relevant group; however, students may not count one such course toward the 12 required hours in more than one group and may count no more than one such course toward the 12 required credit hours in any one group.

Students must take the distribution requirements in each group by taking the courses that are designated as a distribution course as outlined in the Registrar's Guidelines for Distribution Credit.

Some English courses qualify for D1 credit and it is the student's responsibility to ensure the courses they take fulfill their university distribution requirements.

For a list of all courses designated as distribution courses, see the Registrar's Master Lists of Distribution Credit Courses.