Rice University

Department of English

Judith Roof

Ph.D., Ohio State University
Professor of English
William Shakespeare Chair in English

Office: Herring Hall 243
Phone: 713-348-2624
Email: roof@rice.edu

Judith Roof’s work ranges through many areas of twentieth-century and contemporary studies, including comparative modernisms; drama and performance studies; film studies; theories of sexuality; science, literature, and culture; and contemporary British and American fiction.  She has authored books on feminist, narrative, and gay theory, including A Lure of Knowledge: Lesbian Sexuality and Theory (Columbia, 1991), Come As You Are: Narrative and Sexuality (Columbia, 1996), and All About Thelma and Eve: Sidekicks and Third Wheels (Illinois, 2002), as well as books about concepts and trends in contemporary culture--Reproductions of Reproduction (Routledge, 1996) and The Poetics of DNA (Minnesota, 2007). She has edited collections of essays on feminist theory, psychoanalysis, and drama, and has published essays on topics ranging from the work of Samuel Beckett, Virginia Woolf, Harold Pinter, Marguerite Duras, Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Powers, and Percival Everett to panda sex, fame, Viagra, genetics, cultural legal studies, Little Britain, and The Big Lebowski. She is a member of the avant-garde performance group SteinSemble.