The Cagle Lecture Series was established to bring distinguished lecturers in English to Rice University.   


2019 - Nicholas Royle (University of Sussex, Brighton) - Protective Mimicry: Reflections on the Novel Today

2018 - Nahum Dimitri Chandler (University of California, Irvine) - Paraontology: Or, Notes on W.E.B. DuBois and the Practical Theoretical Politics of Thought

2017 - Sue Zemka (University of Colorado, Boulder) - Eating Our Children: A Christmas Story

2016 - Branka Arsić (Columbia University) - Entomological Persons: Insects & Ahab

2015 - Caroline Levine (University of Wisconsin-Madison) - Pattern Recognition: Habit, Labor, Literature

2014 - Robert Markley (U. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) - The Unsustainable Estate: Imagining 'Nature' in Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park"

2013 - W. J. Thomas Mitchell (University of Chicago) - Seeing Madness: Insanity, Media, and Visual Culture

2013 - Fred Moten (Duke University) - Notes on Passage

2012 - Michael Fried ( Johns Hopkins University) - Thomas Demand's Pacific Sun

2011 - Ian Baucom (Duke University) - The Human Shore: Postcolonial Studies in an Age of Natural Science

2010 - Timothy Morton (University of California, Davis)  

2010 - David Simpson ( University of California, Davis) - Poetry and Small Print: The Other Romanticism

2009 - Mary Jacobus (University of Cambridge) - "'Fluctibus et remitu assurgens…':Romantic Twombly"

2008 - Gareth Griffiths (University of Western Australia)

2008 - Donna Haraway (University of California, Santa Cruz)

2006 - Anne McClintock (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2006 - Thomas Pfau (Duke University)    

2004 - Miles Orvell (Temple University) - What if the Sims Lived Next Door? The Virtual Reality of American Culture

2002 - Amy Kaplan (University of Pennsylvania) - Homeland Insecurities: Reflection on Language and Space in the Wake of 9/11