Affiliated Faculty

Department affiliates are faculty members at Rice whose research and/or teaching interests intersect with English. In practice, this means that they may teach courses cross-listed with English, may regularly serve as third readers on English dissertation committees, or may work on collaborative projects with English faculty. Our affiliates are also invited to the annual English start-of-semester reception and receive our department's monthly e-newsletter. If you are a Rice faculty member and would like to be included on our list of department affiliates, please email Jennifer Luu.

Our Current Faculty Affiliates:

Melissa Bailar                  Humanities Research Center
John Boles                         History
Dominic Boyer                Anthropology
Marcia Citron                  Music
Luis Duno-Gottberg    Spanish, Portugese & Latin American Studies
James Faubion                Anthropology
Cymene Howe                Anthropology
Gordon Hughes             Art History
Rachel Kimbro                Sociology
Elora Shehabuddin       Humanities & Political Science
Richard Smith                 History
Lora Wildenthal            History
Diane Wolfthal              Art History
Fay Yarbrough                History
John Zammito                History