Concentration in Creative Writing


The Concentration in Creative Writing is a program of study within the English major that provides students the opportunity to develop their own literary pursuits. Guided by discussions of craft and literary conventions and innovations, students will hone their skills in writing stories, essays, poems, plays, screenplays and graphic novels. The emphasis of this concentration is on literature from the inside-out, with the goal of students generating their own imaginative works. Students will have the chance to work closely with faculty in small workshop-style classes to improve their own writing and that of their peers. The creative writing concentration fosters community among writers through author visits, public readings, and an emphasis on literary citizenship. In addition to study in the craft of writing, students will also become well-versed in the professional world of writing. Opportunities include competitive local and national internships, as well as work in an editorial capacity on Rice’s award-winning magazine, R2.

Declaring the Major Concentration in Creative Writing

The concentration can be declared by students who have declared their primary major as English. Declaring the concentration is a three-step process:

1. Meet with the department’s director of undergraduate studies (DUS) and fill out a major declaration form. The DUS’s signature will be required to successfully submit or alter your major declaration form with the Registrar.

2. Submit your form to the Registrar and then log in to Esther and your “Declaration of Major” form to update the following:

Major Concentration (if applicable): Major Concentration in Creative Writing

3. Email the Creative Writing Concentration Advisor ( This is how you will receive announcements about the concentration and specialized advising.

Please note: concentrators have until the last day of classes in their penultimate semester to declare the concentration.

Requirements for the Major Concentration in Creative Writing

Students must complete a minimum of 4 courses from departmental (ENGL) course offerings with the creative writing designation below. Of these 4 courses, students must complete at least 2 courses (6 credit hours) at the 300-level or above, and at least 1 course (3 credit hours) at the 400-level or above.

Major Concentration in Creative Writing Courses

Total Credit Hours Required for the Major Concentration in Creative Writing Following the New Major Requirements = 11
Total Credit Hours Required for the Major Concentration in Creative Writing Following the Old Major Requirements = 12

Students must complete four courses from the following:

ENGL 201 - Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 203 - Topics in Creative Writing
ENGL 204 - Forms of Poetry
ENGL 213 - R2: Literary Editing & Publishing (x 2 @ 1.5 credits ea.)
ENGL 301 - Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGL 302 - Introduction to Screenwriting
ENGL 303 - Introduction to Playwriting
ENGL 304 - Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL 305 - Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 306 - Topics in Fiction Writing
ENGL 307 - Topics in Poetry Writing
ENGL 308 - Introduction to Podcasting
ENGL 309 - Topics in Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 310 - Nonfiction Nature Writing
ENGL 318 - Fairytales and Fear Tales
ENGL 319 - Fantasy and Science Fiction
ENGL 327 - Graphic Novel
ENGL 401 - Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 402 - Writing Longer Fiction: Narrative Design
ENGL 404 - Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 405 - Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 410 or 411 - The Senior Seminar & Research Workshop

*Concentrators may count either ENGL 410 or ENGL 411 toward the concentration’s 400-level requirement, but not both.

**Special Topics courses (ENGL 306, ENGL 307, ENGL 309) may be repeated and applied toward the major concentration if completed under a different course title and description.

***Students may petition for credit to include a creative writing course offered by another department.

****Students who have or who are in the process of completing the concentration may elect to pursue a creative senior thesis.

Examples of Completed Study

Don Quixote will satisfy the major concentration in creative writing by completing the following program:
Fall ENGL 213 (1.5 credits), Spring ENGL 213 (1.5 credits), ENGL 301, ENGL 306, and ENGL 401

Jane Eyre will also have satisfied the major concentration in creative writing by completing the following:
ENGL 307, ENGL 404, ENGL 405, and ENGL 410

Overload Permissions for Concentrators

To facilitate the successful completion of the concentration, students who are beyond their freshman year of study, and who have officially declared the concentration, may petition to enroll in creative writing courses that show as "full."

Petitions will be considered by the instructor of record and on an individual basis. In the rare event that a course cannot accommodate every interested concentrator, preference will be given to those students closest to graduation.


If you have additional questions about the concentration, please email