Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are governed by the principle of equivalency as stipulated in the General Announcements. Students should always consult with an advisor about study abroad or summer course plans, and seek pre-approval for courses taken elsewhere. Here are some basic guidelines:

1. Foreign literature courses in translation taken elsewhere do not automatically transfer, as the English department does not offer such courses.

2. The department does not grant transfer credit from community colleges; online universities; for-profit universities; or two-year colleges.

3. Transfer course credit earned elsewhere cannot be substituted or accepted for ENGL 200; ENGL 300; or any ENGL capstone course. Courses taken outside of Rice and transferred in can be used to satisfy distribution requirements, assuming the Rice equivalent course is on the Registrar's list of approved D1 courses. Students should obtain approval in writing from the department before taking equivalent courses outside of Rice.

Transfer credit requests should be directed to the director of undergraduate studies (DUS).
Please expect delays in correspondence if you seek pre-approval for transfer credits during summer recess. An advisor or DUS only tentatively pre-approves courses when the university is not in session.