English Undergraduate Association

Founded in 2016, the English Undergraduate Association (EUA) seeks to connect English majors and potential majors across Rice's residential colleges. The EUA hosts social and professional events to encourage bonding between members of the English major and to provide them with resources for their various postgraduate goals. Previous events the EUA has hosted include study breaks, alumni panels, graduate school panels, and book drives. In light of COVID-19, EUA events have moved online, and we will continue to host them throughout the school year. To stay notified of EUA events, email one of the officers below asking to be added to the EUA listserve, and check out our Facebook Page. Join us!

Who We Are

Jade Kanemitsu, Rice Univeristy English Undergraduate Association president, 2019-2021
Jade Kanemitsu, President, 2019-2021

Jade is a senior from Duncan college, double majoring in English and Cognitive Science, and the President of the EUA. She is a huge fan of 19th-century Victorian literature, specifically Oscar Wilde's work. Don't hesitate to reach out to her about joining or taking on a leadership role in the EUA!

Jeeyoon Kim, Rice University English Undergraduate Association vice president, 2019-2021
Jeeyoon Kim, Vice President, 2019-2021

Jeeyoon is a senior at Hanszen college studying English and Psychology with a minor in Politics, Law, and Social Thought. She is most interested in global modernism and diaspora studies.

Rynd Morgan, Rice University English Undergraduate Association secretary, 2019-2021
Rynd Morgan, Secretary, 2019-2021

Rynd is a senior from Brown College majoring in English with a Creative Writing concentration and German Studies. Her favorite literary genre is creative nonfiction.

Laura Fagbemi, Rice University English Undergraduate Association treasurer, 2019-2021
Laura Fagbemi, Treasurer, 2019-2021

Laura is an English and Social Policy Analysis double major at Hanszen College and expects to graduate in 2022. Her favorite genres of literature are Gothic fiction and magical realism.

Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Amanda Louise Johnson, Rice University English Undergraduate Association faculty sponsor, 2017-present
Dr. Amanda Louise Johnson, Faculty Sponsor, 2017-Present (>)

Dr. Johnson is the faculty sponsor for the EUA, and she specializes in antebellum American literature.