Creative Writing FAQ's

How is the Creative Writing Minor (CREW) different from the Major Concentration in Creative Writing (CRWR)?

Both degrees, the minor and the major concentration, are offered through the Department of English.

The CREW Minor is a 6-class/18-credit course of study. The minor allows students to focus their studies in creative writing craft, cross-genre training, editorial technique, close reading, and creative process.

In contrast, the Major Concentration in Creative Writing is an 11-course/33-credit course of study. This major course of study requires students to take 4 classes in Creative Writing and at least 7 classes in other areas of the English Department.

Can I minor in Creative Writing and major in English?

Yes. Students pursuing the major in English may also declare the minor in Creative Writing provided that:
1) their major in English is not the major Concentration in Creative Writing
2) and there is no course overlap between the respective major and minor degrees.

Is there special registration in Creative Writing classes for minors?

Yes. Similar to the system available to Major Concentrators, all declared Creative Writing Minors are able to register for specially reserved seats in all creative writing classes. Please look for the odd-numbered sections in your course planner. Upon successful declaration, minors will be able to access these reserved sections.

Do classes taken outside of the English Department count toward the minor?

Yes. Up to 1 course (3 credit hours) from departments other than English may be chosen to fulfill the minor’s elective requirement. Examples include: AAAS 330: Writing Black Lives, ARTS 328: Filmmaking 1, SPAN 383: Spanish Translation, and ARTS 230: Comics & Sequential Art. Please reach out to the Creative Writing Chair to consult the complete list of approved courses (

Can a literature class count toward the minor?

Yes. While not required, Creative Writing Minors are strongly encouraged to take classes in literary periods and traditions that will inform their own creative work. Students may count up to one (1) relevant English course (3 hours) towards the minor’s elective requirement.

What about a FWIS course?

No. FWIS courses do not count toward the Creative Writing Minor or the English Major.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the minor or want to declare?

Please contact the Chair of Creative Writing,