Support for Travel and Research

Each academic year, graduate students in the Department of English have the opportunity to apply for conference travel and summer funding. When applying for funding in a particular year, please note that Rice University's fiscal calendar runs from July 1 – June 30.

Students are eligible to apply for conference travel, research, and professional advancement funding through the School of Humanities Dean’s Conference, Research, and Professional Advancement Fund. Please note that students in departments where funding for conferences and research is available, must first apply through their respective department, in accordance with its policies and timelines. For the department of English, this means that students are expected to apply to for Summer Research and Travel and Summer Experience funds in lieu of the Dean's Fund.

When applying to the department for funds, please adhere to the following guidelines, drawn up by the Graduate Committee, regarding student eligibility and the disbursement of funds for graduate student travel requests:

  • Students who are not in good standing or not making good progress will not be considered eligible for funds.
  • Funding request forms must be submitted ahead of travel and by the announced deadline.
  • Students will be reimbursed for the approved amount after the travel or experience is completed. To receive reimbursement, a student must submit an expense report via Concur, which requires itemized receipts, no later than 10 days after his/her return.

The Department of English has two funding opportunities for summer: Summer Research and Travel and Summer Experience.

The Graduate Committee will consider all applications, and the department will fund as many proposals as possible. For both categories, the department will give preference to advanced students and to those who have not received summer funding previously.

Notice concerning travel bans related to COVID-19 (coronavirus): In accordance with the university's ban on sponsored travel to China, Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea, the department cannot approve any summer research proposals that propose travel to those countries. Additionally, any students who propose overseas travel will need to register their travel with Rice. We have the following directive from Rice’s Crisis Management Advisory Committee:

"As a precaution, we’re also requiring everyone in the Rice community who travels outside the U.S. to register their travel at this website: You’ll need to log in with your NetID, but it’s a simple process. If you have questions about using the application, please contact the help desk at 713-348-HELP (4357) or email”

Summer Research and Travel

Department funds are available for graduate research needs that take students out of Houston (US or international). In the past, we have funded travel to archives and ethnographic projects. While students from any stage in the program can apply, preference is given to applications by advanced students for dissertation-related research projects. Additionally, the department prioritizes requests for research travel as opposed to conference funding, although we consider both. Some successful applications in the past have combined both of these elements.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS for Summer Research and Travel Award:

  1. a current C.V.
  2. a one-page research statement
  3. a one-page description of the resources you are planning to use
  4. a detailed budget

Deadline to apply: March 10

An email soliciting applications will be sent to students in Spring term, and applicants can apply using the Summer Travel & Research Funding Request Form. (see note about instructions below)

Summer Experience

Limited funds are available for defraying tuition and other costs associated with an academic experience outside Rice. As with Summer Research and Travel, preference is given to dissertation-related experiences.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS for Summer Experience Award:

  1. a current C.V.
  2. a one-page research statement, giving an account of how the experience will contribute to your research
  3. a budget and financial statement with supporting documents (evidence of tuition cost, e.g)

Please note that, while you are welcome to include transportation costs, it is possible that these will not be covered.

Deadline to apply: March 10

An email soliciting applications will be sent to students in Spring term, and applicants can apply using the Summer Experience Funding Request Form. (see note about instructions below)

Instructions for new Adobe form: Fill out the PDF application form and upload the required documents (uploaded within the form). Then, click Submit (at bottom of page). Fill out the pop-up window with YOUR name and Rice email. You must check your email and approve the email from Adobe Sign or the application will not be submitted.